Get the best of the new version of LiveTweetApp

It’s been a year since our initial launch and you’ve sent us many suggestions and ideas to improve the app. Today we are glad to announce the brand new LiveTweetApp is ready.

Brand new features to improve your Twitter Wall

A key focus for this release was to provide you with a better overall experience. Here are the updates:

New dashboard and design to better guide you during your setup.


You can now disable the moderation if you don’t have the need to approve every tweet.

Twitter Moderation feature

You can now search for multiple hashtags/users at once.

New moderation panel design with auto-search feature.

Mobile\Tablet support so you can control your wall from everywhere.

LiveTweet App Mobile Support

Finer design customization, including:

  • Selecting the duration of your tweets rotation.
  • Selecting your date format (EU or US).
  • Choosing a custom font.
  • Embedded picture control.


Enhanced output modes.

Many, many more.
We would love to get your feedback. Go try the new version out now. What do you like? Where could we improve even more? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

2 thoughts on “Get the best of the new version of LiveTweetApp

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  2. Laura

    Hi – is it possible to search for a phrase or more than one word? I cant add anything with a space in. Thanks


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