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Better performances & Free accounts changes

We recently updated LiveTweetApp with brand-new infrastructure providing you fast & real-time moderation capabilities. The tweets moderation now takes less than a second to be effective. This is also the case for the results appearing on your moderation panel, everything is faster and more responsive, allowing you to moderate from everywhere, on every device.

The second release change is about Free Accounts. In short: they are no more. Free is replaced by Trial. We wanted to take a minute to explain you the reasons of this.

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New LiveTweetApp is here!


For the past year, you’ve sent us many suggestions and ideas to improve our Twitter Wall. Today we are glad to announce an improved LiveTweetApp is ready.

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Scheduled maintenance: Tuesday, April 8.

Update 3 – April 8 14:18 GMT : Maintenance is over! You can connect right now to the new version and try out our new features. Please contact us if you any question.

Update 2 – April 8 08:14 GMT : Maintenance is in progress. Everything is doing fine.

Update 1 – April 8 04:20 GMT : Maintenance started. Free users may not log in. Registrations are disabled.

Dear LiveTweetApp users,

A new version of LiveTweetApp is coming soon! In order to deploy our changes, the app will not be accessible on Tuesday April 8, except for some users (see below).

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5 social media mistakes you want to avoid

You or your company may not be entirely comfortable with social network habits and customs. Many well-know business experienced the storm that can come out of what may seem an harmless tweet at first. Here are five highlights taken from real companies’ social network mistakes, compiled in our five social media fails you never want to reproduce.

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9 tips for using a Twitter Wall as an event organizer

A twitter Wall helps your event to be more social and gives your attendees a new way to speak up. Because a live tweet mainly lives only on Twitter, as an event planner, you should do your best to integrate those valuable conversations and bring them to the awareness of all your attendees.

That’s where a Twitter Wall comes handy. It helps you to select tweets and display them on a big screen during speeches by example.
If you plan to use one, here are some easy steps you can follow to get the most out of it.

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