Hashtag of the week: #Sochi


A few hours after the beginning of the winter olympics games of #Sochi, Hootsuite released on his blog this infographic about Twitter discussions around the opening ceremony.  Monitoring went further with other updates of the infographic.

#Sochi in a nutshell :

6,549,377 mentions since the 6th of February

A lot of  hashtags like #Olympics2014,#Sochi2014#lgtb#sochiproblems, etc.)

The LGBT fight on TwitterRussian Gay Rights

First of all, we noticed a lack of positive reactions on Twitter (except about the US outfits). The reason behind this is, of course, the sensitive climate created by the anti-homosexual laws and the declarations of president Putin.

The Russian government’s position over homosexuality is a big topic on social media. Some people are calling to action, organizing protests and even calling for boycott, others talk about it in a more humorous way.

Some big companies don’t hesitate to show their support by displaying the rainbow flag, just like Google did on the opening day.

The journalist “fight” on Twitter.

Best seats in the house #Sochi #Sochi2014 #sochifails #sochiproblems #Olympics pic.twitter.com/R0PnihQMWO

— Sochi Fails (@SochiFails) February 5, 2014

We saw a lot of tweets from foreign correspondents from all over the world, laughing or complaining about their hotels and facilities.

Unfinished rooms, no Internet connexion, no drinking water, or no water at all… We’ve seen a lot of great stories thanks to the hashtag #Sochifail. Journalists even created accounts such as @SochiFails or @SochiProblems which has a bigger success than the offical Olympic account!

Another topic, more serious this time, is the security services paranoia and the surveillance that the Russian government applied on every foreign person on their territory,  being athletes or journalists.

Naturally, there are other controversies about the Sochi winter games that we don’t mentionla-sp-sn-ralph-lauren-unveils-opening-ceremony-001 here. But we should not speak only about the bad things surrounding the event. So here is a word about the social media Olympic champions: America. The USA and the Canadian teams are the most active and the most followed teams on Twitter. They’re running for the gold on social media too! Here is a great infographic.

To conclude, here are some stats and figures :

59% of the tweeter users commenting the opening ceremony were from USA

The constant activity of #TeamUSA hashtag.

The @USOlympics account counting about 548,000 followers

The sport celebrities you can follow, like @shaun_white and many others

Germain Jans

Germain Jans