LiveTweetApp in 2016 : Numbers & Results

On December 6th, LiveTweetApp celebrated its 4th birthday. It’s been four years you trust us to increase social interactions during your events and conferences.

We take this opportunity to share our key figures and results with you, between January 1 and December 21, 2016.

4,612 new users

  • Total unique users since launch: 23,996
  • Average new users per month: 383 users

3,576 days of Pro usage sold

  • 1,990 Pro packages sold, all durations combined
  • 1,378 paying unique users.
  • Annual conversion rate (non-paying / paying users): 29%

1,759,592 processed tweets

  • Number of grabbed tweets, non-moderated : 930,184
  • Number of accepted tweets : 505,615
  • Number of rejected tweets : 323,793

Put together, it would take about 3,421 hours to display them all, one tweet every 7 seconds.


Pro usage in 68 countries

  • 1st : United States
  • 2nd : United Kingdom
  • 3rd : France
  • 4th : Canada
  • 5th : Belgium

This map only represents countries from which a purchase was made. We should certainly cover the entire globe by including our free users.

918 e-mail conversations

  • 48% response time within 15 minutes
  • Average response time : 1 h 39 minutes
  • Satisfaction rate : 81% of our users rated our replies as “excellent”

2016, an extraordinary year

We can conclude this report by being proud. We certainly still have a lot to do in 2017.
Meanwhile, thank you for being so awesome. Thank you for trusting us. We are very proud to serve you.

Alexis and the LiveTweetApp team.
Love from Brussels

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