How did LiveTweetApp do for the past year

We’ve had one very exciting year at LiveTweetApp. We’ve grown from point zero to helping about 3,868 events to improve their social communication. We’re very proud of those numbers and willing to share them with you, without any restraint, especially after our summary article about the pitfalls we had to overcome.

Here is an insight in all our numbers from February 2013 to February 2014:

4,419 awesome users

  • Total unique users : 4419 users
  • Average new users per month : 464 users
  • Total Pro Package purchases : 387
  • Total revenue : $35,449.21
  • Yearly Conversion rate (non-paying/paying users) : 8,7%

LiveTweetApp 2013 Insight

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Why Facebook had to pay $19 billion for #WhatsApp


As you probably know, since it’s all over the news and social media, Facebook bought the famous application WhatsApp for the modest total of 19 billion dollars.

Two years after buying Instagram for $1 billion, Facebook dropped a bomb Wednesday in the whole startup world. Immediately, a bunch of related questions to this incredible amount popped up on Twitter. With the very first one being :

Is WhatsApp worth $19 billion?

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What you may have missed this week on Twitter #2

Almost two weeks have passed since we published our first Twitter recap. Here is the second episode!

So let’s start with this article from @EventMB about the improvements that social media can create in term of connecting and stimulating your audience, bringing them a better engagement. We warmly recommend this blog to all the #eventprofs out there, these guys always manage to give great insights about the digital trends related to events organization.

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Week on Twitter #1

Every day, we share with you news and articles about the social media tips and good practices for your event. Here is the best of our tweets from past week.

To be sure you don’t miss anything from us, follow us on Twitter : @applivetweet

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Widget is gone

On March 20 2013, we were glad to announce you the release of our Widget feature. As from today, we are forced to remove the widget from our display modes.

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Improved Live Mode

Today, we go further and release a redesigned version of our Live Display.

It has been the same design since the launch of LiveTweetApp and it was time to spice it up a little bit. Here is a preview of our brand new design :

Live Tweet Wall

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